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Our Licenses

We are very proud to present our new license.

The author writes about eleven-year-old Siri who is the daughter of the Viking village Chieftain, Torkel. She is very articulate, clever, and brave.

Her father is getting ready to take his goods to the city of Miklagard on his ship to be sold. The crossing will be dangerous and take many months. Siri want to go with him but he forbid it telling her she is too young.

And that’s how the adventure of Siri begins.

Tiny Square Critters

Set in the forest, Tiny Square Critters tells stories from the target audience’s own world, e.g. The first day in kindergarten, Where is my mum?, I can’t sleep.

The critters are all square shaped animal children, and each episode starts and ends with a lesson in how to draw the animals, encouraging children to join in the story and make up adventures of their own.

The square design is easy, even for small children to copy.

Produced in Denmark by Tinyfilm

“Fact tells, story sells”

Knud Pilegaard

CEO Buster Nordic

Serious publishing

We are serious about publishing.

Professional team

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We have solid channels of distribution in all four countries. Are are in book stores, toy stores, kiosks, supermarkets – you name it! We publish story books, coloring- and activity books, sticker books, board books and magazines.

Editorial and sales
Our dedicated team makes sure are books are well suited for the Nordic market both in terms of contents and formats. We have sales representatives in all of the countries and visit all on a regular basis.

“I have worked with Knud for over ten years now and am repeatedly impressed by his entrepreneurial spirit, his talent for spotting quality product and his ability to market this product in original ways. Knud has a passion and enthusiasm for what he does that is all embracing and he is in this an inspiration to us all.”

Belinda Loni Rasmussen

“Talk about passion, if there is anyone in the business who knows how to bring passion to their work, it is Knud! He relays anecdotes that makes him and his company unforgettable, and commits to the task at hand on more than just a professional level, but also personal. Over the years, I have had the chance to really get to know Knud and not only is his commitment to the industry strong, but he is also a very dedicated and loyal publishing partner. He is not one to take no for an answer, and is good at finding solutions to ensure the success of his projects. And most importantly, I am looking forward to continuing to work with him for many years to come.”

Anna Lisa McBride

Where to find us

Buster Nordic A/S
Mindevej 45
2780 Dyssegård

+45 2844 8311

CVR: 33043376