Siri the Viking – MIMIR’S WELL

149,95 kr.

SIRI IS BACK for another adventure! This time, the brave Viking girl and her friend Zack are searching for a lost treasure. They are helped along by Ansgar the monk, who is looking for his stolen books. A series of clues point them toward a mysterious place called Mimir’s Well. But the villainous Ivar and his clumsy assistant Grim are hot on their trail, eager to get the treasure for themselves. Once again Siri has to use all her cleverness as she faces baffling riddles and dangerous traps. If she makes it through, perhaps she may find the answer to the greatest riddle of all: what precious treasure lies hidden in the depths of Mimir’s Well?

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Udgivelsesdato: 15-08-2020

ISBN13: 9781908233295
Forlag: Buster Nordic A/S
Format: Hardback

Forfattere Patrick Nystrom og Per Demervall

Størrelse: 176x246x13 mm.